When the Godswar finally ended, The lives that survived the Ordeal had changed greatly, Many had Perished, Many lives were sent to the greater planes to live out the afterlife. Many Kingdoms rose to glory, While others fell to the Chaos that came along with battling the gods. Most of the Gods decided to live peacefully, Taking the new Order of Godhood into account, Living in their own realm, Allowing their Followers and themselves to live life to their own devices. However not all gods were as willing to give up the old ways, Of Mortal servitude to the gods, of Blood Sacrifice, and being worshiped all hours of the day.

The Peace treaty between the six great kingdoms was Designed to keep the gods from ever falling as they had during the war, the gods were to no longer directly interfere in the lives of their faithful, Previously living amongst them as kings, They now Kept their distance, Watching from their own Divine realms , Still granting power to their people of their faith.

However Some gods were not so Content.

They would not sit Idly by while the races that they gave life to lived in peace.

These gods Claimed Treason against the gods whom had signed the peace treaty, Even shunning those whom didn’t speak against it. Those whom Spoke against the peace treaty were given two options, To either Sign and agree with the other gods, Or they could leave. They now Inhabit the Outer realm, The far reaches of the Divine world. While leaving the City, they spat upon the gods following the treaty as though they were dirt, Stating that they were not true gods, But the Children that don’t understand, Without Placing the mortals in a Subservient role, That the gods held no power and would eventually be ruled over by the Mortal Man. They took up calling themselves the old gods, Following ancient edicts that were placed among the ancient gods. Unfortunately, This was not without it’s faults, Among the gods whom left stand some of the oldest and most powerful beings to exist in our world. Now only small remnants of their existence still exist in Artoria, Various cults and hidden worshipers, still taking power from their gods, despite the distance now between them.

line-divider-InvertThe sound of waves crashing against the steep cliff slope filled the courtyard, Many wandered around the walkways, Traveling between their quarters and the prayer halls. The strong salty smell of the sea air filled the lungs of all those around. Sitting underneath a Floral shrine to the God of Nature, sat a peculiar young man, his clothing did not match that of most around here, Most wore objects of their faith, Clothing with colours and symbols matching their faith, However this young man seemed to not have any of the Usual divine markings. His loose brown pants were strapped tightly to his thin waist by a leather belt, His shirt, Buttoned up the entire way, to a button done at his collar, His long coat sat underneath him, a long leather duster, with some symbols of a lost language running down the back of the coat. The sun beat down on him, Being filtered by the canopy of various trees and plants surrounding him.

His eyes and mouth were closed, If it weren’t for the light lifting of his shirt when he was breathing, One could mistake the young man for dead. As people began filtering in to the buildings, there was silence, there was peace.

However, As most instances of peace in the world of Artoria. This could only be short lived, Minutes of silence pass, Suddenly broken by a loud tapping on the nearby stone walkway. Still laying on the ground the man reached up and Rubbed his Eyes before looking over to see whom awoke him from his sleep, Standing on the nearby walkway was an elderly man, his robes fell to the ground, bearing ancient runes down the sleeves and along the trim, the staff that was tapping on the ground, Stood almost as tall as he was, which considering the man’s small stature, was not a great feat.

“Lazing the day away once more are we?” He heard from the old man. The young man stood dusting himself off as he smirked over to the elderly man, “Oh well, It’s good to see that someone can enjoy the small instances of peace that we get in this world.” He Smirked back to the young man, turning to walk to the Central building of the Complex. “Come, We have other matters to attend to, plus, A storm is coming.” He called over his shoulder as he started away. The young man gathered his things from under a nearby bush and threw his satchel over his shoulder. Looking off in the distance the storm clouds had gathered, rolling off of the land like a great beast formed of darkness. A thunderous roar emerged from the cloud as a bolt of lightning struck the water on the shore. “It seems it wasn’t only my peace that was disturbed.” he remarked before following down the trail.


The temple of all was a great complex, born on an ocean island. In ancient times, this is where the gods lived, they ruled from the temple of all, living with their faithful. The faithful lived and worshiped in peace, realizing that without each others gods, the world would not be complete. Even gods of warring factions Slept, Ate and Prayed amongst each other, For this was the home of The One. For every beginning has a catalyst. A spark to ignite the creation. For the world of Artoria this was the birth of The One. Born from the nothingness that was all before existence, The will and mind of The One forged our world, The sky and the stars, The realms that exist around our world, both material and spiritual, His mind was said to hold anything that anyone could ever imagine, and his body held the power to create all that was in his mind. However even in his near unlimited power, he could not change the outcome of what was to happen.

Every world has Myths.

Legends of Olden times,
Before man could even remember,
Stories of gods,
And Heroes whom could stand among them.

Even though the world of Artoria has Fantastic beasts and powerful heroes that stand among the commonplace.
Even we have Myths,
Legends that became known,
But have never been seen,

These are the stories that children hear around the fire,
This is the Inspiration,
that creates each new generation of Heroes.
And for many years to come,
they shall continue to inspire.

Book of Myths

The lore-keepers of the World Tree have passed much knowledge down through their ranks
Here is where the majority of their written knowledge exists.

Below here are the List of Myths that have Inhabited our World.

The Avatar Storm
When the world was Falling into a very dark place,
Certain Old gods began trying to create the world as it once was,
The gods also followed their old methods,
The Chosen once again walked the Earth,
Each god choosing someone to take their earthly Presence.
These Heroes were always Heard of,
People had told stories of seeing them,
And even Monuments stand from the things that happened during this Period.
Theirs was Truly a time of Myth and Legend.

New Content

Prologue : The Coming of Darkness – All stories have a beginning.
Daimonas Sarka: Hellgrafter – When tempted with power beyond mortal means, Can one keep themselves from being lost entirely to the other side?
Anders Frost : Mounted wolf of the Frost family – When war barks at the guardians door, Will the youngest of them be able to lead the crusade?
Celine Maxia : The Blood-witch of the Arcane Empire – When all hope is gone, and even family has seemingly forsaken you, Can you save yourself with the strength inside?
Ingram Zamora : The weaver of Nightmares – When the night has become your only ally, What will you do when it brings the king of terrors to your mind?
Veil-Nagath : The Capital of Darkness – Here is where the night converges to bring life into this world. Hiding the greatest terrors behind the shadows.
Crestlia : The Capital of the Seas –  Here the oceans converge and create the worlds most well known coastlines, However beneath the depths of the animus ocean, is great danger.
Volkaine : The Capital of Flames – Here the sun bears down with no mercy onto a land with people as harsh as the lands they were forged in.
Raynard Zuri – The Son of Shadows (The Prologue) – When the shadows recruit to their ranks, to defend those whom live in the night. They learn the consequences very early.
The Divine Pantheon – The gods molded the world into their own images before leaving for the outer realms, here you will find their bearing on history.

Previous Content

The Chosen – The Divine Warriors of the King of Creation
The Six Great Kingdoms – The Original Kingdoms that Civilized Artoria
Locations of Wonder– The Entrance to all the Locations of Wonder
The Sanctified Grove – The Great Heroes that Protect this World
The Darkened Hollow– The Vile Souls that have Corrupted the World
Entrance to the Roots of Legend– Here is where all Records are held of the Great Legends of Artoria
The Fortress of the World Tree – A Place for one to enter the Halls of Knowledge, Here is the Starting place.

For every Great hero, There is a Great beast that they overcame to get where they are,
For every Treasure Horde waiting to be plundered, There is A Fierce Dragon guarding their Lair.
For every Dungeon Guarding an Ancient Artifact, There is a Terrible Monster to Defend it.
While Monsters are very rarely a Good sign, They are a Necessary thing to keep the world going.

Here we’ve done our best at the cost of many lives to keep track of and study all the beasts that have existed in our world.
From ancient Calamities to much smaller and harmless beasts,
These halls hold many secrets to destroying some of the most foul threats that exist

However Judging from the sounds that are currently resounding down the hallway,
We may skip the reliquary for now, It seems someone has left the book of beasts open again,
Once the Beast-Magi take care of it. We may return.

Long ago when the gods left our world, They created the Mortal Races to Govern,Progress and Create in this world that was ours to rule as we saw fit. However the gods could never leave their children to survive on their own. The gods all created their own Avatars, Inhabiting their own Races, Living Beside them, Within them. Ensuring that no fate would befall their people. Some did this while Flourishing that they were in Direct Contact with their god, Some lived and Died, Holding their Secret. But all were Chosen by the gods, For one reason or another.

Previous to the Godswar, The Chosen were among the highest ranks of Clergy, Using the most Devout of them to inhabit. Taking up life in the Temple of All, Previously a Great Complex of temples to all gods. They lived, and Thrived with the other Faithful of their Religion. Proven to be the ones Chosen by their Deity. The Chosen were the only ones permitted to enter the bottom floor of the Temple of all, This is the home of the King of Creation. The god whom created the gods. The Over-Deity.

As only the Faithful were permitted to Speak with the King of Creation, the title had to be Passed down through Generations, While the Gods still needed to pick the next Chosen, It was the Role of the Previous chosen to ensure that their Apprentice was ready to take the Mantle of “Chosen” Most times this is done through Inadvertent means, With Neither the Chosen nor the Apprentice realizing what they are to one another, Until the time comes to pass the mantle to the next generation.