“We are the Shade”

The Motto of Veil Nagath.

Few places in this world are as bleak and depressing as the lands that are guarded by the night.
Covering the southwest of the great continent,
Veil Nagath is the home of the Kings of Night,
The Rulers of Darkness.

Here Is where you do not fear the things in that go bump in the night,
for they are the ones that save you from harm…
Or so our leaders would like you to believe.
This was the way that it used to be.
Each town had it’s protectors.
As did the borders.
And while this still may be true,
There are many more things standing just behind the cloak of shade than there was in the old times.


Capital: Crysmarx – The Veiled city

The Veiled City is the largest Catacomb in existence.
Hidden from the world.
When a soul can no longer live on in it’s mortal body,
They return to Crysmarx.

The veiled City came to be the resting place of the mortal races.
The Gods of death saw to the afterlife of their own,
as did they Appoint their priests to provide the same tasks for their people.
Resting in the Four Corners of the Catacombs Live the Kings of Night.
The Rightful Rulers of Veil Nagath.

Leader: The Kings of Night

The great kingdom of Veil Nagath has a single seat of power.
One that few have ever heard of and even fewer have ever seen.
When the Great Kingdoms were Born, Each leader had their own Tasks.
The Kings of Night took two tasks that went hand in hand,
When the pact between the original Countries was signed,
The Kings of Night,
Four brothers in arms,
took the task of being the Lords of the Dead,
And the Keepers of Secrets.

Flagstone Artifact: The Shade Mirror

Created by the god of Shadows when the world was first created,
This colossal mirror reflects a constant shifting smoke under it’s surface.
The Shade Mirror has the Harnessed power of the realm of shadows.
Despite the many uses that it currently is used for,
The potential behind the mirror is truly apocalyptic.

Notable Locations: The Crimson Province

While the Kingdom of Veil Nagath is ruled over by those whom have already lost their lives,
Not all of the protectors have shared the same fate.
The Crimson Province was Built among the Dark Woods of Veil Nagath.
A home to the Outcast’s, The Creatures of night that felt they had no home.
Here they thrive and have a place to call their own.

Notable Locations: The Blood Gardens

Above the Veiled City of Crysmarx are many structures hiding it’s existence,
However they all reside within the Blood Swamps.
Cultivated through Blood Magic and the Skills of many creatures that live in Veil Nagath.
These swamps are equal parts Beauty and Deadly.
Beware, For thorns are not the only worry you have from the roses here.

Notable Locations: The Cadaver Coffers

While it may seem gruesome to most, the dead are a sought after resource here.
The souls of the dead leave this world for the afterlife.
And the bodies that they leave behind will be used.
The Cadaver Coffers is where the majority of the dead of the world are sent,
While many believe in Burying or Burning their dead.
There are many that Die Forgotten, Lost, Stranded and Hopeless.
These Unfortunate Souls always find their way back to the Cadaver Coffers,
While they may have died, They will live with us.