“Vault of the Worlds Knowledge”

 The Motto of Kreszya

Few places in this world reflect the true face of nature as well as Kreszya

 a great portion of the south east of the great continent is covered in trees and forest,

For these are the lands that Nature calls home.

Creatures that have been born and born again,

And some that have evolved from the torment that the world has suffered over the years.

 A great forest home that spans an Entire country.

Hills, Forests, Jungles.

Kreszya is a Nation that protects as it is protected,

Born from the World Tree as a Sanctuary for the creatures of Artoria,

Here the world Vies for it’s own life, Fighting a constant battle to see what will come first.

The end of Corruption, Or the Withering of the World Tree.


Capital: Felenrize – The Fortress of the World Tree

During the Godswar, Most places in the world were areas of great danger and destruction. The power of the gods, Fought the power of the mortals.

Divine power against The Soul and the Arcane powers that it can create.

Standing beside Dresiliad as one of the only beacons of hope left, The Kingdom of Refuge was slowly wearing down against the nearly endless divine armies.

As all seemed hopeless, And the tides began to turn to favour the gods.

The world heard the cries of those whom have protected him.

Felenrize decided this would not be tolerated.

The seed that was born to the earth during Gideon and Phala’s creation.

All the Energy, All the knowledge, All the life that had existed during the years the seed laid in wait,

Provided their essence to awaken the World Tree.

As the seed began to break free, The ground all across Artoria began to shatter.

  Continents changed, Landmarks were destroyed and created again.

The Roots burst forth from the ground. Flying to the sky.

The roots struck into the Invading gods, Bringing them from mid-flight back to the earth.

The Trunk of the Tree grew taller than anyone could Imagine.

Towering above the world, Above the Gods that still stayed frozen in the air.

The World Tree has Awoken, And ever since, Has stood as a Monument to the powers of the Planet itself.

Leader : Seigzeil – Sage of the World Tree

Prior to the Godswar, Kreszya was a Beautiful place, Filled with Worshipers of the Gods of Nature and Fertility.

Flowers and Foliage, Animals and Wonderful Sights. However upon the Coming of the Bearers of War, Life changed for all Creatures.

Their Divine powers took many lives.

Great bolts of lightning struck down Homes at a time,

Fires took with them entire Cities.

Even those whom were considered faithful were not spared.

Before Felenrize took hold as the World Tree we now know, The stood as home to the Gods of Nature.

During the war, The gods stood Divided.

The New Gods, Forsaking the old ways of the Gods, Wanting to Raise the Mortal races to their own level,

And the Old Gods, Wanting the Mortal races to be Subservient to them, Seeing this as their Divine Birthright.

One of the Gods that had Sided with the new gods, Ruled over Felenrize, His name was Seigzeil.

As Destruction Loomed over the world, Few places stood as a Defense against the Gods.

The Flowered City Held strong for longer than most.

Many gods resided here, Great beings of nature and Those whom embodied the Forest.

They all defended their home until their last breaths, The last left alive was Seigzeil.

For a brief moment, When the shield above the now scorched city destroyed, The assault stopped.

The gods commanding the assault on Kreszya held their attacks and looked down on the single god left defending a destroyed home.

Tears broke from his Eyes, as he wept for his friends and comrades that had fallen, As he fell to his knees, Bleeding… Dying.

The gods above him looked down, Laughing, Mocking him, Telling him that a True God would have protected his people.

The rush of Anger that overtook him at this moment was something unlike the world had ever seen.

His eyes took a Pale, Green, Glow.

The burned ground around him began to writhe, The roots of the fallen trees seemed to come alive under his feet.

The fallen began to wake, Their bodies seemingly rejuvenating,

And the gods could do nothing, But look on, Not knowing what was happening.

All the Fallen slowly seemed to approach him, Becoming one with the once fallen god.

The energy was Unimaginable.

The Ignorant gods that flew above were frozen, Paralyzed by the scene unfolding.

He looked upon those whom came to destroy all the gods had worked for.

“A True god, Would never have committed as grave an act as you all have. You can pay for your indiscretions by returning to the earth.”

a Final pulse of great green light emerged from the Sage, Slowly covering the ground underneath of him.

The ground slowly began to crack.

For Seigzeil has awoken the World Tree.

Flagstone Artifact : Tears of the Ancients