“When two became one, Our world was born,”

In the beginning, There were only two beings.

A brother, The Bringer of Light. Gideon.
A Sister, The Bringer of Darkness, Phalla.

Gideon brought the light, Bringing life to the gods.
While Phalla brought the darkness, Bringing despair and nothingness

Over the years that our planet was forged, They fought back and forth.
each molding the world with a bit of themselves each time.
Their children became the gods.
Each created from an emotion,
a feeling put into physical form
Ruling the world,
The gods the scene for the many tales weaved here.
Here you will find the Progeny of the Creators.

 Villya – The King of Madness

 Villya is the epitome of Insanity and Chaos.
Born from the Emotions of rage and hate,
The king of madness was born.
Within most,
his name and acts strike terror and feelings of disgust,
For he is truly the lord of the Corrupt,
the Depraved and the Damned.

 Ryzen – The Wayfinder 

Ryzen is the patron of the Adventurer’s and the Curious.
Born from the sheer wish to explore,
and find all that can be found.
Ryzen wanders places beyond our world itself,
leaving behind guideposts for those who attempt to follow where few can.

 Drage Tavoren – The Dragonfather 

To uphold the Honour and Regality that was seen for the Future,
Drage Tavoren was born as the Father of Dragonkind.
Watching from the Eternal Perch,
He rules over all Dragons
Ensuring that Artoria would be a home for his Children as well

 Eolas Visas – The All-Seer 

Born as an older brother to Ryzen,
He is the Deity whom has all knowledge.
While one constantly sought new places and adventures
The other spent eons discovering the secrets of that which they’ve already found
For he believes that with great knowledge comes even greater power.

 The Keeper – Holder of the Divine Book 

 When the gods began to fight amongst themselves,
Both Gideon and Phalla saw the need for peace
When everything and nothing combine,
The keeper was created.
Granted power to grant and remove a deities power,
He was born to keep Order amongst the gods.

 Kocena – The Queen of the Final Rest 

As the gods began to create the Mortal races,
Death soon became Inevitable.
While most were respectful of the dead,
Some used them as tools and toys.
Kocena was born to stand against them,
She battles the forces of Desecration
And provides to the dead the rest that they truly deserve.

 Kojeke – The Furious