“How do you escape when you’re in love?”
“When you’re young, you do lots of foolish things. Partying, drinking and driving, the general craziness you can look back at when you’re an adult and say “How am I still alive?”. So what do you do when you’re the only one left at the end?”
My name is Donovan King. I’m 20 years old, I graduated top of my class, Quickly gained a job with a high-class office, and just as quickly seemingly signed my life away to.
Growing up, I always had a skill with people. A connection if you will beyond what most people could imagine. The ability to completely sync with someone provided great opportunities. Friendships that are made quickly and hard to break apart. Building trust beyond normal means. These friendships got me many places, Including the first and only job I would need upon graduation.
My life consisted of working, coming home, and going back to work. Building what I already had was my first priority.
Every morning I’d wake up, my home a small studio apartment. rubbing my eyes as I looked around my apartment. My bed sat folded out from a leather couch, covers were thrown all askew. I reached to the bedside table for a cigarette, putting the filter between my lips, I pull it from the pack. Reaching into the pocket of my jeans searching for my favourite lighter. A silver design featuring a gun and badge on the ground. Lighting the smoke I look over to the window. The light slowly filtered through the tree branches of the neighbouring house across the street. The warmth shining down, slowly crawling up my chest. A large puff of smoke fills the filtering rays as I exhale and stand up. My arms reach to the sky, working out the knots caused from another sleepless night. The cold hardwood floors sending a chill up my spine as my feet touch them.
Heading to the bathroom, I walked past the window and the kitchen, the smoke billowed behind me through the sunbeams. Passing the sink and mirror I went straight to release the strain of the night. The pain of countless nights alone bulging through my jeans. I take another drag of the smoke as the relief comes across my face, Zipping my pants back up, I throw the rest of the smoke in the toilet and stumble back to the mirror. Gazing up I can’t help but chuckle. the dark rings under my eyes resembled a racoon.
Opening the Mirror revealed my treasure trove of pills. Uppers, Downers. All-rounders. Whatever was needed to make it through a day. Reaching for the only legal bottle in the cabinet, I popped a small handful of caffeine pills into my mouth, forcing them down. Closing the cabinet, the mirror gazed back onto my face. My dark brown hair almost black in the dim light of the bathroom, My facial hair, closely trimmed to my face. My hair, always a little shaggier than I’d like. My body was a bit bigger than most liked, A smattering of hair covered my chest.The sound of running water filled the room as the sink was turned on, I cup my hands under the tap watching the water fill my hands before throwing it over my face. I look back into the mirror, The sullen face of a lonely man gazed back at me. The smirk and smile forced onto my face, However once there, it was impossible to tell how false it was.
“Well, Let’s see who we can fool today.” I’d joke to myself in the mirror. But the voice in the back of my mind would always be quick to repeat back “It doesn’t matter who you fool, you’ll never fool yourself.” Turning from the mirror I leave the bathroom behind with a brief and shallow “Fuck you” said under my breath to the voice.
Walking to the wardrobe, my outfits are all laid out. Same clothes day in and day out. blue jeans, A black muscle shirt, a button up shirt was thrown over the top. After I put my clothes on, I catch my eye in the reflection of the bathroom mirror once more. “I got this,” I say to my reflection, one more attempt to convince myself before it was too late.
Walking for the door I grab my keys, My leather jacket slung over my shoulder, The sunburst explodes through the doorway as I open my way. The sun shone brighter than most on this morning. The smell of the ocean filled my lungs and my nose, Looking around the birds were chirping, the sun beating down, the day was beautiful, But it wasn’t enough.
Jumping into my car, The engine starts to rumble through the hills. The music blaring through the speakers, Drowning out the calling in the back of my mind. Cruising along the Oceanside, the city quickly began approaching. Skyscrapers, Resorts, Businesses. These are thing things that made the Economy here. And this is how I make my life. I was hired by an online firm to handle all of their white glove customers. I spoke with the largest people this company worked with, and if anything went wrong, it was my fault. However rarely did people not see eye to eye with me, and if they did, it didn’t take long to change their minds. I was their star player and they needed me to open the wallets of our customers.
Pulling into the parking garage beneath the building I could feel the mounting tension of the day beginning to build. Today was going to be one of the most important meetings of my career. I was set to meet an international media mogul and his wife for drinks and dinner. Alexander Bailey and his wife were due in town, The largest account that we dealt with, and it was my job to ensure that we didn’t lose it. Now seeing eye to eye with people is a trait of mine. Alexander didn’t scare me. Christina, His wife, did. He was an older man and someone whom I considered a close friend of mine. A senior gentleman who loved nothing more than to travel on his yachts while drinking sangria and smoking Cuban cigars. I’ve joined him numerous times for these ventures and always left with a better sense of what the good things in life are, His taste’s rubbed off on mine. Now, this should make things easy to seal the deal with and be done, and it would.

If it weren’t for the fact that his wife has been my mistress since first we met.