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Prologue : The Coming of Darkness – All stories have a beginning.
Daimonas Sarka: Hellgrafter – When tempted with power beyond mortal means, Can one keep themselves from being lost entirely to the other side?
Anders Frost : Mounted wolf of the Frost family – When war barks at the guardians door, Will the youngest of them be able to lead the crusade?
Celine Maxia : The Blood-witch of the Arcane Empire – When all hope is gone, and even family has seemingly forsaken you, Can you save yourself with the strength inside?
Ingram Zamora : The weaver of Nightmares – When the night has become your only ally, What will you do when it brings the king of terrors to your mind?
Veil-Nagath : The Capital of Darkness – Here is where the night converges to bring life into this world. Hiding the greatest terrors behind the shadows.
Crestlia : The Capital of the Seas –  Here the oceans converge and create the worlds most well known coastlines, However beneath the depths of the animus ocean, is great danger.
Volkaine : The Capital of Flames – Here the sun bears down with no mercy onto a land with people as harsh as the lands they were forged in.
Raynard Zuri – The Son of Shadows (The Prologue) – When the shadows recruit to their ranks, to defend those whom live in the night. They learn the consequences very early.
The Divine Pantheon – The gods molded the world into their own images before leaving for the outer realms, here you will find their bearing on history.

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The Chosen – The Divine Warriors of the King of Creation
The Six Great Kingdoms – The Original Kingdoms that Civilized Artoria
Locations of Wonder– The Entrance to all the Locations of Wonder
The Sanctified Grove – The Great Heroes that Protect this World
The Darkened Hollow– The Vile Souls that have Corrupted the World
Entrance to the Roots of Legend– Here is where all Records are held of the Great Legends of Artoria
The Fortress of the World Tree – A Place for one to enter the Halls of Knowledge, Here is the Starting place.

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