Corridors of Antiquity

Tales of legend are not only forged by the hands of myths and fables, They’re crafted through the tools that they wield. While some heroes are known only for the power that they held within themselves, or the great deeds that they’ve accomplished. Some only grew to the heights they reached through the partnership with great artifacts of power.

This Ancient hall has kept record for many a century. Of Both the great and the horrible, Magical and Divine, Items that hold enough power to change the balance of the world on their own.

While this hall has existed since before anyone can remember. It seems to never grow closer to an end, Passages for hours seem to grow to hold place for each new tale of an artifact to unfold.

Walking to the Doors before the Halls of Antiquity they seem to be locked and chained shut, it seems these stories must wait for a later time.

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