Crestlia – The Capital of Mist

“Mist Reforged

The Motto of Crestlia

Few places are as Shrouded and Mysterious as Crestlia.

Covering the Western land of the Great Continent, Crestlia Is the home to the Kingdom of the Arcane Law-keepers.
The Defenders of law that have become one with the Arcane forces that fuel them.

Here is the place, Where one can find themselves before even knowing they’re lost…
Or Lose themselves without ever knowing it.

Oceans, Islands, Caves.

Crestlia Is a Stormy Ocean home That was created by the vast power of the Arcane Animus Ocean that Surrounds them.
Crestlia has always Protected the kingdoms from the creatures that exist within the Mists.
However the Defenders of the mists are defending against far more than they’ve ever known could be there.


Capital: Ceruleus – The Seaborne Citadel

In the center of the Animus Ocean, Stands the Fortress of the Mist.

A Legendary place that few have ever seen the inside of, and even fewer have ever made it out of after entering.

It’s said that Deep within the Citadel is the Prison of the Arcane, An Inescapable Demi-plane.

During the Godswar. The Law-Keepers Closed the Citadel.

Sealing themselves and everything else housed inside away,Not to open until the world knew Law once more.

Now the Seaborne Citadel houses not only the Law-Keepers, But this is the Home of the rulers of Crestlia. The Maxia Family.

 Leader: Mystal – Sage of the Mists

Few people can say that they have truly navigated the Mists. Even fewer can say that they’ve survived the mists.

However The Sage of the Mists has done both.

The mists changed him greatly however, For now his mind works not as one, but as many.

In the mist, He lost himself, But found clarity greater than the gods themselves could Offer

It’s said that the Whispers of the Mist, have even taught him Secret Arts that our world never knew existed.

 Flagstone Artifact: The Heart of Oceans

The Godswar saw many fights tear those close to each other apart. Families, Friends, Brothers and Sisters.

 Even the gods were not exempt from this.

Not all of the Gods agreed with the war on the Mortal races. Many stood with their Mortal followers when the onslaught of the gods came.

Many different lineages were removed from existence this day, Only leaving Memory of them in the World tree.

The King of the Oceans was a Powerful god of water.

He was the one that Created The Seaborne Citadel,

The reason why the beasts of the Animus oceans were Trapped within the mists.

During this war, His brothers and sister Took him for granted,

Creating their plans using his great oceans to assault the Mainland of the Mortals.

However He had no plans of betraying his children…

As the ships sailed through the mists, a Great storm was brought forth, Unlike any had ever seen.

The creatures were freed from their foggy prison, Left to feed.

The god of the Oceans had Saved many lives, At the cost of the lives of his brethren.

Never wanting to face what the gods had become,

He shed a final tear for the great atrocity that he had to commit against his Brothers and Sister to save his children before taking his own life.

Turning himself to the Creatures that he had kept prisoner all these years, The devoured him, Body and Soul. Only leaving behind a Crystal.

The Heart of Oceans.

Notable Locations: Animus Isle

Amongst the Most dangerous Parts of the Animus ocean there are various scattered islands.

These Islands are perhaps the most dangerous part of Crestlia.

While the Kingdom sits close to the mainland, These far off islands have long since formed their own Hierarchies.

Forming their own Societies. However despite the islands that have been Cultivated. The biggest one still has no living residents.

Once holding a Great Fortress that the Sea gods ruled from, Now the Ruins hold the Lives of those lost to this Ocean and it’s predators.

While many of the souls carry out eternal lives on these islands, The fortress Itself was taken after the Godswar.

All the gods that perished in the storm of the sea god have taken up arms, Raising the former fortress back to a now gruesome glory,

A twisted mockery of the Seaborne Citadel, The Drowned Keep rises from Animus Isle once more.

Notable Locations: The Maelstrom

 While the ocean is full of many storms, and whirlpools that could rip apart the most sturdy of ships.

One storm stands above all else.

The Maelstrom travels through the Animus ocean, Collecting all whom dare stand in the way of it’s force.

A great Twister of water Rips apart the already rough water, The clouds above lash down with Lightning and Cyclones.

The Winds surround this storm, Making escape a near impossibility.

The storms power seems to grow with each life that it takes,

Many believe that because of this, that the maelstrom was sent from the Creator to Begin the World anew.

Notable Locations: The Hall of Aquian Kings

 Many of the Races that inhabit Artoria have created their own cultures and societies.

The inhabitants under the Sea are no different.

The oceans themselves houses just as much life as the surface itself.

As such, a leader must have been crowned.

Once a terrible place, Full of hunters seeking prey, Changed when the god of the seas came

Within him was The Heart of Oceans, The proof of the True king of the Animus Ocean.

All in the watery home followed his call,But While there was never peace, There was order.

When the god of the waters died, He left behind his heart, Which has only revealed itself to those whom were worthy of becoming an Aquian King.

Here lie their resting places, Each one, Providing another Heart to the Hall,

For the true Kings of the Ocean, Shall never leave their home.

Notable Locations: The Hell Trench

 Amidst all the Chaos of Crestlia, The Great storm, The Arcane Bastion, The Animus Mists,

Potentially the greatest threat goes nearly unnoticed, However this devilish location has effects that are felt world wide.

 Threats from other worlds are a constant in our world, In the centuries that have passed, The demons and devils that invade our world were far more brazen

Invading through great burning gates, besieging castles and strongholds, Devouring entire Countrysides.

In the years since, Many crusaders have taken up the Fight, Partnering with The gods to slay the great hordes,

They now choose a much subtler way to enter our world.

Far beneath the sea lies The Hell Trench, A great fissure, said to travel so far that it splits our world in two.

However what exists beyond the trench is far worse than we could imagine.

For the infernal realms of Hell have many holes into our world, None are as large as the Hell Trench.

Ancient Prophecy foretold of the trench long before we ever saw it’s effects on our world,

Stating that this would be where the Emergence of the end will happen.

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