The Hallowed Sanctuary

“When the darkness seems consuming, Look within, and i will be there.”

In a world where the thoughts of a single person can create sorrow and suffering for a great number of people,
There are those that stand against all of this,
Heroes of light that send away the harsh darkness that
The balance is kept in a very fragile state,
for all terrible acts,
an equal amount of good is sent into our world to keep this balance,
This is what keeps us safe.

The Darkness will never end it’s Reach,
Grasping at the Pure of heart,
The Innocent,
The souls that have done no wrong,
Looking to condemn them.
We stand to stop their power from expanding more,
We are the last stand between humanity and it’s own Darkened future.

Beneath here are the Records of those whom have stood against the Destruction of the Mortal Races,
They will forever live here in the Sanctified Grove.

The Chosen
Originally the Gods created the Mortal races,
This gave them a Sense of Creation,
And of their own Power.
After the Mortal races began their Worship they gained power of the Gods,
To Create,
To Destroy,
To take life and to give it.
The Chosen were those whom the gods Idolized,
And Formed to be their own being in Mortal Form.

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