Locations of Wonder

In a world with so many powerful creatures, it only follows suite that these fantastic beasts and legends that exist have homes and lairs just as magnificent, So many things can form these great places of power, From Divine Intervention, To being an Area where a great act of Evil has happened, Some places are even changed by the sheer power of the residents that have taken up residence around them. This is where you will find the records of the locations of the Divine and Unholy, The homes of heroes and villains alike, Here you will find the great wonders that our world has to offer.


While a location seems to many as just a place, Where certain parts of history may have happened, However here in Artoria, The world is as much a living being as you or i, It has a will of it’s own, a mind and a life. Here be wary where you tread, As mistreating the locale you’re in may inspire it to strike back.

Below you will find the list of some of the most Notable locations in our grand world,

The Six Great Kingdoms : In the ancient days, the world was created through fellowship. This fellowship was created by the Mortal races has lasted through any hardship that can be imagined, And Created civilization that not even the gods could remove from the earth.

Titanhome – The Ark of Gigas : In the southwest of the great kingdoms lies the continent in the sky. Titanhome is the great floating kingdom of Gigas, The king of Titans. Secluded, The Titans keep to themselves, Until it’s time for the world to Re-create itself.

The Animus Ocean : It was said that when the gods left the mortal realm of Artoria, Not all of them went. The Animus Ocean surrounds the Great continent, It’s thick mist’s radiate great energy, It radiates with power of the Arcane, The Divine, and Power of the soul. However few souls have ever been able to survive the treacherous fog while keeping their own sanity.

The Primal Lands : To the East of the great continent lies the Primal Lands. This was once a great Kingdom along with the others. However during the Godswar, They were the first to fall. Since then the Knowledge and History of that kingdom has been lost, and the Land surrounding The gate to Heaven has fallen into a state of primordial disrepair. Creatures live here that have not existed in the civilized lands for eons.

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