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Prologue : The Coming of Darkness – All stories have a beginning.
Daimonas Sarka: Hellgrafter – When tempted with power beyond mortal means, Can one keep themselves from being lost entirely to the other side?
Anders Frost : Mounted wolf of the Frost family – When war barks at the guardians door, Will the youngest of them be able to lead the crusade?
Celine Maxia : The Blood-witch of the Arcane Empire – When all hope is gone, and even family has seemingly forsaken you, Can you save yourself with the strength inside?
Ingram Zamora : The weaver of Nightmares – When the night has become your only ally, What will you do when it brings the king of terrors to your mind?
Veil-Nagath : The Capital of Darkness – Here is where the night converges to bring life into this world. Hiding the greatest terrors behind the shadows.
Crestlia : The Capital of the Seas –  Here the oceans converge and create the worlds most well known coastlines, However beneath the depths of the animus ocean, is great danger.
Volkaine : The Capital of Flames – Here the sun bears down with no mercy onto a land with people as harsh as the lands they were forged in.
Raynard Zuri – The Son of Shadows (The Prologue) – When the shadows recruit to their ranks, to defend those whom live in the night. They learn the consequences very early.
The Divine Pantheon – The gods molded the world into their own images before leaving for the outer realms, here you will find their bearing on history.

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The Chosen – The Divine Warriors of the King of Creation
The Six Great Kingdoms – The Original Kingdoms that Civilized Artoria
Locations of Wonder– The Entrance to all the Locations of Wonder
The Sanctified Grove – The Great Heroes that Protect this World
The Darkened Hollow– The Vile Souls that have Corrupted the World
Entrance to the Roots of Legend– Here is where all Records are held of the Great Legends of Artoria
The Fortress of the World Tree – A Place for one to enter the Halls of Knowledge, Here is the Starting place.

For every Great hero, There is a Great beast that they overcame to get where they are,
For every Treasure Horde waiting to be plundered, There is A Fierce Dragon guarding their Lair.
For every Dungeon Guarding an Ancient Artifact, There is a Terrible Monster to Defend it.
While Monsters are very rarely a Good sign, They are a Necessary thing to keep the world going.

Here we’ve done our best at the cost of many lives to keep track of and study all the beasts that have existed in our world.
From ancient Calamities to much smaller and harmless beasts,
These halls hold many secrets to destroying some of the most foul threats that exist

However Judging from the sounds that are currently resounding down the hallway,
We may skip the reliquary for now, It seems someone has left the book of beasts open again,
Once the Beast-Magi take care of it. We may return.

Long ago when the gods left our world, They created the Mortal Races to Govern,Progress and Create in this world that was ours to rule as we saw fit. However the gods could never leave their children to survive on their own. The gods all created their own Avatars, Inhabiting their own Races, Living Beside them, Within them. Ensuring that no fate would befall their people. Some did this while Flourishing that they were in Direct Contact with their god, Some lived and Died, Holding their Secret. But all were Chosen by the gods, For one reason or another.

Previous to the Godswar, The Chosen were among the highest ranks of Clergy, Using the most Devout of them to inhabit. Taking up life in the Temple of All, Previously a Great Complex of temples to all gods. They lived, and Thrived with the other Faithful of their Religion. Proven to be the ones Chosen by their Deity. The Chosen were the only ones permitted to enter the bottom floor of the Temple of all, This is the home of the King of Creation. The god whom created the gods. The Over-Deity.

As only the Faithful were permitted to Speak with the King of Creation, the title had to be Passed down through Generations, While the Gods still needed to pick the next Chosen, It was the Role of the Previous chosen to ensure that their Apprentice was ready to take the Mantle of “Chosen” Most times this is done through Inadvertent means, With Neither the Chosen nor the Apprentice realizing what they are to one another, Until the time comes to pass the mantle to the next generation.

During the Godswar,
Our world was Changed,
Gods rose and fell,
As did Kingdoms.
Lives were lost, And gained.
But the world was left forever scarred for the things that happened during the war.

In the Old World,
Everything was Vastly Different.
It seems that since the end of the war,
this has become a New Realm.
When the Realm was first created,
The gods Scoured the world,
Molding it in their own Image.
Creating mountains and valleys,
rivers and lakes,
it’s said that if it exists in our world,
it was put there by the original gods.
After time,
The gods grew bored of creating the world around them
seeking more.
Others to do the Creating and Exploring for them.
The Mortal races were created and the gods left to their own World.

The Great Gate

 They allowed us to build lives,
and countries,
and kingdoms.
The gods took leave,
Heading to the gods land “Elaysia”
Here they could live apart from the races that they created,
And they took the title of god.

They provided the Mortal races with the things they needed to survive,
Later even providing things such as magic,
And Technology in the form of Siege weapons and Clockwork innovation.

While the world as a whole was large,
and there are still many things left undiscovered.
A great portion of the world became inhabited by different creatures of the realms.
The first six created Kingdoms were known as the great kingdoms.
Each having a governing element in association to the base elements of existence.






Storm Volcano


Under the Animus Ocean



And Dark

 Veil Nagath

Amongst these,
The world was built,
Created and Forged into what we have today.

During the Original Creation it took powerful souls to live outside of a civilized world.
Thus as people banded together,
The kingdoms were Created,

Veil Nagath – The Capital of Darkness

Veil Nagath is one of the oldest Kingdoms that came in Existence.
Each of the Kingdoms had Duties that needed to be handled,
Some here more suited to them than others.
In the Darkness Capital they do many things involving the afterlife,
Plague and Pestilence.
Farming Reagents for Wizards and Alchemists.
While needed in the world,
It’s not a fate that many would reserve themselves to,
Such is life in the Capital of the Dark.

 Dresiliad – The Kingdom of Light

In times when it seemed that the gods did not smile upon our world,
The Mortal races gave up hope,
The world was a Dark place,
Full of Evil souls and people whom would do anything to Survive.
Dresiliad is also known as the Kingdom of Refuge,
During these dark times,
Refugees would come from all over,
Countries caught in war,
People on the run from their faith,
or Family.
Dresiliad is the Safest realm in the lands.

 Volkaine – The Burning Empire

One of the Most Inhospitable lands in all of Artoria,
The Burning Empire,
Mostly Comprised of Desert, Volcanic Mountains and Scorching Oceans.
While very few can survive the rough climate,
It’s shown time and time again,
That this place can forge the greatest Heroes and some of the most fearsome beasts that exist.

Crestlia – The Empire of Mist

The Oceans make up a vast portion of the planet,
The thing that most people don’t realize,
Is that under this Oceans also lies a Vast Portion of the population of our world.
Great creatures and Strange offspring of the sea.
Crestlia consists of the Animus Ocean and the Islands Scattered in the mists.
Many great things lurk in the mist,
and even greater things lurk within your own mind,
For the mist of the Animus Ocean knows all about those whom enter it.

Kreszya – Fortress of the World Tree

The forests of Artoria vary in size all over the globe,
None are as large as Kreszya,
The Fortress of the World Tree.
Here is where Nature had Decided to defend itself.
All creatures live in harmony,
Following the Circle of Life in it’s purest form.
The Trees,
The Animals,
The Mortals,
And the Spirits of nature itself.
All work to defend the life that they’ve been given.
It’s said that even the gods couldn’t siege against the World Tree’s fortress,
As Nature itself fought back against the invaders.

Tempest Reckoning – The Storm Nation

Tempest Reckoning is the Great land of Lightning,
From here,
the gods found their way to their realm from our world.
The Location of Heavens Gate,
Among many other things,
Storms of all kinds Ravage the landscape of this nation,
Lightning tearing apart Fields,
Hail Storms beating down on homes,
Wind Storms Uprooting the oldest trees.
However if not for the Guidance of the Court of Tempests,
The country would have long ago Perished.

In a world with so many powerful creatures, it only follows suite that these fantastic beasts and legends that exist have homes and lairs just as magnificent, So many things can form these great places of power, From Divine Intervention, To being an Area where a great act of Evil has happened, Some places are even changed by the sheer power of the residents that have taken up residence around them. This is where you will find the records of the locations of the Divine and Unholy, The homes of heroes and villains alike, Here you will find the great wonders that our world has to offer.


While a location seems to many as just a place, Where certain parts of history may have happened, However here in Artoria, The world is as much a living being as you or i, It has a will of it’s own, a mind and a life. Here be wary where you tread, As mistreating the locale you’re in may inspire it to strike back.

Below you will find the list of some of the most Notable locations in our grand world,

The Six Great Kingdoms : In the ancient days, the world was created through fellowship. This fellowship was created by the Mortal races has lasted through any hardship that can be imagined, And Created civilization that not even the gods could remove from the earth.

Titanhome – The Ark of Gigas : In the southwest of the great kingdoms lies the continent in the sky. Titanhome is the great floating kingdom of Gigas, The king of Titans. Secluded, The Titans keep to themselves, Until it’s time for the world to Re-create itself.

The Animus Ocean : It was said that when the gods left the mortal realm of Artoria, Not all of them went. The Animus Ocean surrounds the Great continent, It’s thick mist’s radiate great energy, It radiates with power of the Arcane, The Divine, and Power of the soul. However few souls have ever been able to survive the treacherous fog while keeping their own sanity.

The Primal Lands : To the East of the great continent lies the Primal Lands. This was once a great Kingdom along with the others. However during the Godswar, They were the first to fall. Since then the Knowledge and History of that kingdom has been lost, and the Land surrounding The gate to Heaven has fallen into a state of primordial disrepair. Creatures live here that have not existed in the civilized lands for eons.

“When you can no longer see, And the shadows fill your breath, You will know me”

In a world composed of beings that can create their own future.
Their own destiny.
There will always be those whom have a different way of thinking,
Those whom have thoughts most people cannot encompass while keeping their own sanity.
And people drawing on powers that even the most depraved mind could never imagine.


The minds that have Crafted these evil souls hold nothing sacred in their minds,
Even taking the souls of the Innocent that have been ripped from their living bodies,
Forced into a life of slavery under those whom would control and command the spirits of the lost.


There are also those Whom believe that their calling is something much darker,
Hearing words of Death, Destruction and Hatred being spoken into their mind by those whom were thought to create out world.
Some take orders from the Gods,
But not the Forgiving, Merciful gods that bless us with bountiful harvest and miracles.
Instead they follow the gods that bring War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.
These are the Riders of death.
Knights of Nothingness.
Creators of Despair.

On this Branch,
You will find the most depraved souls our world has known,
The tales written here have warped and twisted a section of the roots of the world,
This area is now known as the Darkened Hollow.
Where the souls of these beings live on eternally.

Here are the stories we believe your mind may handle so far.

Daimonas Sarka : Hellgrafter
When the thing you love takes the world from you,
Stealing what life you had,
and forcing you to run,
Could you keep the fleeting memory of the man you once were.

Ingram Zamora : The Weaver of Nightmares
Raising yourself in a city that most seasoned adventurer’s wouldn’t think of entering can have a great effect on who you become.
However when the King of Madness wants you for his toy,
He will stop at nothing.

Celene Maxia: The Blood-witch of the Arcane Empire
Once you’ve reached the top of your art,
Very few things can bring you down.
But when family seemingly turns on you,
Can you find the energy to survive?

In this world Myths are handed down, Stories of the Gods, And of their Children, Slaying Great Beasts, Overcoming Incredible odds to achieve Victory. When brought to face these incredible odds though, It takes not only an amazing hero to create a tale as epic as the legends of ages past…


The tales would never be complete without the Clash, The Conflict that causes the world to Shake. To stand up to these Despots that attempt to control all in their sight, It takes a person cut from a certain cloth. To sacrifice what most of these souls have, To fight for Peace, To fight for Honor, To fight for the lives of those that cannot protect themselves, These stories are carved here on the root of the world tree.The ones that have earned their place among the heroes find themselves on the Highest boughs of the roots of the world.To keep them in the Pantheon of greats, They will live forever in  The Sanctified Grove

However… there are some people that just enjoy watching things burn to the ground, This world is full of people whom would take a life as easily as taking a breath. While the heroes show the Epitome of the light side of our world, This will never be enough to reveal all of those hidden in the Darkness. Those whom fight to Control. To Incite fear in the masses,To destroy all that others have worked to gain. These are the Darkest hearts to exist in our world, And without them, The Heroes stories would have been nothing but false prophecies and tales for the campfire, However the tales told of these dark souls are as unfortunate as they are true, Recording these tales have taken quite a toll on the world roots, Slowly corrupting these branches, However none should be able to forget the horrible things that have been Completed in this world.

Along this path, you will find the stories that haunt our world, And hear the stories of countless lives lost, Continue here to The Darkened Hollow

The world is Created from so many Different Stories, Legends and Myths, In this day and age, This is called “History”. However here when carved into the roots of the world. All of these Legends play out at once, Heroes can live in their Greatest Moment, Villains live in times of their most power. Even the Innocent people live in a time when peace is all they wish for the rest of eternity. But there is more to this world than just those people. While here, Consider yourself a Guest of myself. Browse the legends of my world, The tales of great beasts, Dragons, Elemental Beings, and creatures bound to shadows darker than our most fearsome nightmares. Kept underneath of the Roots we hold their stories, The Reliquary of the Beasts is a terrifying place. But the bravest of Souls have much to learn from the creatures that are held there.

Even Among a world with Monsters breathing fire, Wizards Creating Everything from Nothing, Where Miracles from the gods Happen before my eyes, There are places in this world that will leave a man staring, As though he’s only just seeing for the first time, Locations in which great power Lives, Thrives and Creates these effects on people.  These wondrous sights change people when they gaze upon them, Some Revitalizing the spirit and soul, Bringing happiness to the most Down Trodden of people, Some of these sights can take the spirit just as quickly as the others brought joy. We’ve kept track of areas in which this will happen, And named them the Locations of Wonder

“When the darkness seems consuming, Look within, and I will be there.”

In a world where the thoughts of a single person can create sorrow and suffering for a great number of people,
There are those that stand against all of this,
Heroes of light that send away the harsh darkness that
The balance is kept in a very fragile state,
for all terrible acts,
an equal amount of good is sent into our world to keep this balance,
This is what keeps us safe.

The Darkness will never end it’s Reach,
Grasping at the Pure of heart,
The Innocent,
The souls that have done no wrong,
Looking to condemn them.
We stand to stop their power from expanding more,
We are the last stand between humanity and it’s own Darkened future.

Beneath here are the Records of those whom have stood against the Destruction of the Mortal Races,
They will forever live here in the Sanctified Grove.

The Chosen
Originally the Gods created the Mortal races,
This gave them a Sense of Creation,
And of their own Power.
After the Mortal races began their Worship they gained power of the Gods,
To Create,
To Destroy,
To take life and to give it.
The Chosen were those whom the gods Idolized,
And Formed to be their own being in Mortal Form.

Welcome to the halls of the World Tree.


Allow me to explain where you’ve been taken to.
This is the home of the World Tree.
Home to all knowledge in the worlds of Artoria.
Here legends and myths alike have been carved along the roots.
Even stories less worthy of note.
Here you will find the stories of our world.
Tales of joy, and of sorrow.
Tales of war, and of love.
Tales of magic, and great beings.
Embrace the knowledge held in these halls,
For few ever tread here.