Raynard Zuri – The Son of Shadows (The Prologue)

When i took my oath. I vowed to protect my people from within the darkness. I swore to not let them fall to the horrors of our world.”
I Failed…”


The city stood quiet in the darkness of night.
However this night is different.
The moon shone with a dark light, seemingly bringing more shadow than light to the alleys of Dusk Vale.
This night came only once a year, Umbra Nox. The Shade Night.
On this night, The shadows seem to dance in the streets.
Tonight is when the new Seekers of the Night are created.
The streets were silent. No creatures moved. No wind blew.

A great structure in the center of the city, was the only place where there even seemed to be movement.
The building stood far above any other building in the city, Composed of iron, and Blackstone.
When the Umbra Moon shone onto the building, It revealed more than the eyes alone could see.

A single group of brave individuals stood at the gates.
They stood as still as the Gargoyles, watching down upon the gates from the Ramparts
Their cloaks, Were all wrapped around themselves in a Similar fashion,
Taking the appearance of a troop of shadows given mortal form.
This was going to be the final test to tell which of them would become Seekers of Night,
and whom would be returned to the shadows.

 The rod Iron gate slowly began to swing open.

Standing in the gateway was a great figure. Clad in a black suit of Armour.
The skin on his face seemed to pull tightly over his skull,
and the paleness of his skin almost matched the stark white of the bone beneath.
A deathly chill rolled out of the Citadel behind him.

“Welcome Candidates.”
His voice was as cold as the chill that followed him through the Gates.
Here is where you will face your final tests.Here is where we find if you are worthy to Join our Ranks.”

 The Armour clad figure began to walk through the ranks. Inspecting each and every prospective seeker.
Each figure stood rigid. Whether it was the Cold, Or the intimidating presence of whom walked by them.

I am Highlord Graven. Leader of the Seekers of the night. And one of the four kings of Veil-Nagath.”

This statement alone brought fear into some of their hearts. One of the Kings of Night have come to see them.

Here you will be truly tested. To the end of your physical being.”
He waved his hands towards the end of their ranks,
The shadows to the sides of them coming to life,
Rising to reveal the Current ranks of the Seekers of Night.
“And to the end of the pitiful minds you currently take refuge within”

As he leaves their ranks, No warmth returns to their bodies.
For they’ve just been in the presence of the King of Shadows.Returning to his place in the mouth of the gates.
The Highlord turned to face them once more.
Here is where you sacrifice yourself, To protect our people from within the darkness.”
The shadows began to Coalesce at his feet, Slowly rising to his hands.
Upon successfully completing your trials. You will gain the right and privilege to join the ranks of those you see standing around you.”

The current seekers stood, Each with their own demeanor. Some sneering at the “Fresh Meat”.
Some applauding their courage for the Trials they’re about to face. They were as varied as the races and cultures that comprised them
And if you complete the trials to satisfaction.You gain the honour of bearing our mark, Through the Chains of Night.”

The shadows finally came to a Physical end in his hands. Revealing a chain, Shining brightly,
This pendant he now held was awe inspiring to the candidates.
It’s material looking as though it was a metal comprised of pure darkness.
Coming to an end where it bared the sigil of the Seekers of Night.
A blade plunging through a five point star.

However there is no guarantee that you will survive even the first of the Trials ahead of you. ”
The floor behind Highlord Graven came alight. Two black flames, One on each side of the walkway.
And those whom don’t. Will be returned back to the shadows.”
The shadows once again clouded beneath the man,
As a great maw of shadows flew up from the ground,
Swallowing the chain he once held.

The men stood still. Their blood froze in their veins,
For now the realize the consequence of their failure.


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