The Hall of Legends

Here you make a choice in the paths of the World Tree
Many tales can be found down these halls
Some of great legends,
and the things they did to achieve such status
Some are souls of the darkest evil this world could muster
and the horrors we could never forget they brought to our world.
However one and all, They are all legends of their own respect,
each as worthy as the next.
Below you will make your choices.


The first path leads to the home of all great heroes,
Those whom embody the greater good.
These legends reside in The Hallowed Sanctuary

 The second path holds a moral middle ground,
As the heroes here have neither exceeded the marks of good,
Nor fallen to the depravity of many,
They will forever live within The Pantheon of Heroes

┬áThe final path you’ll find in this root of the world tree,
Is where the truly horrible souls of our world live,
Where morals hold no sway over the actions and minds of these dark souls.
They’ve been condemned to live within The Darkened Hollow