The Myths

Every world has Myths.

Legends of Olden times,
Before man could even remember,
Stories of gods,
And Heroes whom could stand among them.

Even though the world of Artoria has Fantastic beasts and powerful heroes that stand among the commonplace.
Even we have Myths,
Legends that became known,
But have never been seen,

These are the stories that children hear around the fire,
This is the Inspiration,
that creates each new generation of Heroes.
And for many years to come,
they shall continue to inspire.

Book of Myths

The lore-keepers of the World Tree have passed much knowledge down through their ranks
Here is where the majority of their written knowledge exists.

Below here are the List of Myths that have Inhabited our World.

The Avatar Storm
When the world was Falling into a very dark place,
Certain Old gods began trying to create the world as it once was,
The gods also followed their old methods,
The Chosen once again walked the Earth,
Each god choosing someone to take their earthly Presence.
These Heroes were always Heard of,
People had told stories of seeing them,
And even Monuments stand from the things that happened during this Period.
Theirs was Truly a time of Myth and Legend.

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