The Pantheon of Heroes

“Not all great heroes have done good or evil. Some are known only for being great.”

The Pantheon of Heroes is where all the Fallen legends of war and history reside.
Many are great warriors, Some Strategists, Or even Magi.
There reside Doctors and Scholars, as well as everything in between.
For many different things can make a Hero.

In these halls of history, You will find the stories of the greatest among us.
Simple born men, raised to powerful Warlords.
Wealthy strategists whom give away all they own, for a plan to work.
Even great doctors and healers, whom have sacrificed their own health and well being, To save others.

The stories within these halls are not meant or shock and appall,
Nor are they meant to bring a heartwarming heroism.
For these men and women, are the true heroes of Artoria.

Below find the few tales you’re ready to read.


Anders Frost – The Mounted Wolf of the Frost Family :
The sole son of the Frost Family,
Heir to the throne of Dresiliad,
However he has many a Task pushing against him,
Will he be able to protect his Kingdom?
Or will his first campaign be his final?