The Sanctum of the Magi

While most people overlook the use of magic living their everyday lives.
There are many people whom train endlessly and find magic in every aspect of life itself.
The truth is,
Magic formed the majority of the world as we know it.

The Keepers of Arcane lore have traveled far and wide across the realm of Artoria,
They’ve traveled to the great Ark of the titans,
To the depths of the Animus Ocean.
Few select whom were powerful enough,
have even made it through the great mists to lands completely unknown.
However Magic,
as with everything else in life,
continues to grow and evolve.

Here you will find the powers that many have coveted over countless centuries,
Magic that has been long lost,
Magic of Specific peoples and even of different worlds entirely.

The Arcane Classroom

Here is where the students and masters of the Arcane come,
Arts known as Sorcery and Wizardry.
Here you will find the widest variety of Magic.
Ranging from simple castings of levitation and flashes of light,
To the more violent spells such as Fireballs, and bolts of Lightning.
It’s even said that the greatest of wizards,
were able to do amazing feats such as grant wishes and even bend reality to what they see fit.
Here is where the greatest of those whom crave power started their journeys.

The Great Temple of Knowledge

While the Temple of All in the north is the religious center of the world.
The largest house of Divine knowledge rests safely in the Great temple of knowledge.
While the whole of the Library is the Holy place of Eolas Visas – The King of Knowledge.
This temple in particular is where his clergy have kept the holy and unholiest of tomes known to all religions.
While the Library itself and most of its halls are off limits to those with minds full of ill will and malice.
The lower levels have been designed to allow a Member of each clergy into their respective gods halls.
Bringing them directly from the gates of the city, into their specified deities place.

The Office of Contracts

Some magic,
Calls upon forces far beyond our own comprehension,
Creating a pact.
Writing a Contract.
Simple terms or sealed with blood.
Here is where all the information held of beings that can create pacts,
And what types of pact magic can be created.