The Six Great Kingdoms

During the Godswar,
Our world was Changed,
Gods rose and fell,
As did Kingdoms.
Lives were lost, And gained.
But the world was left forever scarred for the things that happened during the war.

In the Old World,
Everything was Vastly Different.
It seems that since the end of the war,
this has become a New Realm.
When the Realm was first created,
The gods Scoured the world,
Molding it in their own Image.
Creating mountains and valleys,
rivers and lakes,
it’s said that if it exists in our world,
it was put there by the original gods.
After time,
The gods grew bored of creating the world around them
seeking more.
Others to do the Creating and Exploring for them.
The Mortal races were created and the gods left to their own World.

The Great Gate

 They allowed us to build lives,
and countries,
and kingdoms.
The gods took leave,
Heading to the gods land “Elaysia”
Here they could live apart from the races that they created,
And they took the title of god.

They provided the Mortal races with the things they needed to survive,
Later even providing things such as magic,
And Technology in the form of Siege weapons and Clockwork innovation.

While the world as a whole was large,
and there are still many things left undiscovered.
A great portion of the world became inhabited by different creatures of the realms.
The first six created Kingdoms were known as the great kingdoms.
Each having a governing element in association to the base elements of existence.






Storm Volcano


Under the Animus Ocean



And Dark

 Veil Nagath

Amongst these,
The world was built,
Created and Forged into what we have today.

During the Original Creation it took powerful souls to live outside of a civilized world.
Thus as people banded together,
The kingdoms were Created,

Veil Nagath – The Capital of Darkness

Veil Nagath is one of the oldest Kingdoms that came in Existence.
Each of the Kingdoms had Duties that needed to be handled,
Some here more suited to them than others.
In the Darkness Capital they do many things involving the afterlife,
Plague and Pestilence.
Farming Reagents for Wizards and Alchemists.
While needed in the world,
It’s not a fate that many would reserve themselves to,
Such is life in the Capital of the Dark.

 Dresiliad – The Kingdom of Light

In times when it seemed that the gods did not smile upon our world,
The Mortal races gave up hope,
The world was a Dark place,
Full of Evil souls and people whom would do anything to Survive.
Dresiliad is also known as the Kingdom of Refuge,
During these dark times,
Refugees would come from all over,
Countries caught in war,
People on the run from their faith,
or Family.
Dresiliad is the Safest realm in the lands.

 Volkaine – The Burning Empire

One of the Most Inhospitable lands in all of Artoria,
The Burning Empire,
Mostly Comprised of Desert, Volcanic Mountains and Scorching Oceans.
While very few can survive the rough climate,
It’s shown time and time again,
That this place can forge the greatest Heroes and some of the most fearsome beasts that exist.

Crestlia – The Empire of Mist

The Oceans make up a vast portion of the planet,
The thing that most people don’t realize,
Is that under this Oceans also lies a Vast Portion of the population of our world.
Great creatures and Strange offspring of the sea.
Crestlia consists of the Animus Ocean and the Islands Scattered in the mists.
Many great things lurk in the mist,
and even greater things lurk within your own mind,
For the mist of the Animus Ocean knows all about those whom enter it.

Kreszya – Fortress of the World Tree

The forests of Artoria vary in size all over the globe,
None are as large as Kreszya,
The Fortress of the World Tree.
Here is where Nature had Decided to defend itself.
All creatures live in harmony,
Following the Circle of Life in it’s purest form.
The Trees,
The Animals,
The Mortals,
And the Spirits of nature itself.
All work to defend the life that they’ve been given.
It’s said that even the gods couldn’t siege against the World Tree’s fortress,
As Nature itself fought back against the invaders.

Tempest Reckoning – The Storm Nation

Tempest Reckoning is the Great land of Lightning,
From here,
the gods found their way to their realm from our world.
The Location of Heavens Gate,
Among many other things,
Storms of all kinds Ravage the landscape of this nation,
Lightning tearing apart Fields,
Hail Storms beating down on homes,
Wind Storms Uprooting the oldest trees.
However if not for the Guidance of the Court of Tempests,
The country would have long ago Perished.

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