The Darkened Hollow

“When you can no longer see, And the shadows fill your breath, You will know me”

In a world composed of beings that can create their own future.
Their own destiny.
There will always be those whom have a different way of thinking,
Those whom have thoughts most people cannot encompass while keeping their own sanity.
And people drawing on powers that even the most depraved mind could never imagine.


The minds that have Crafted these evil souls hold nothing sacred in their minds,
Even taking the souls of the Innocent that have been ripped from their living bodies,
Forced into a life of slavery under those whom would control and command the spirits of the lost.


There are also those Whom believe that their calling is something much darker,
Hearing words of Death, Destruction and Hatred being spoken into their mind by those whom were thought to create out world.
Some take orders from the Gods,
But not the Forgiving, Merciful gods that bless us with bountiful harvest and miracles.
Instead they follow the gods that bring War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.
These are the Riders of death.
Knights of Nothingness.
Creators of Despair.

On this Branch,
You will find the most depraved souls our world has known,
The tales written here have warped and twisted a section of the roots of the world,
This area is now known as the Darkened Hollow.
Where the souls of these beings live on eternally.

Here are the stories we believe your mind may handle so far.

Daimonas Sarka : Hellgrafter
When the thing you love takes the world from you,
Stealing what life you had,
and forcing you to run,
Could you keep the fleeting memory of the man you once were.

Ingram Zamora : The Weaver of Nightmares
Raising yourself in a city that most seasoned adventurer’s wouldn’t think of entering can have a great effect on who you become.
However when the King of Madness wants you for his toy,
He will stop at nothing.

Celene Maxia: The Blood-witch of the Arcane Empire
Once you’ve reached the top of your art,
Very few things can bring you down.
But when family seemingly turns on you,
Can you find the energy to survive?

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